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It's A Celebration: DCBF's Scholarship Fundraiser

Greetings DCBF Friends! We're celebrating the life of DCBF's namesake, Darin C. Banks

Donate $55, in honor of Darin's 55th birthday

 On April 8th, Darin would’ve been 55 years young. Knowing him that’s the way he would’ve said it. He would’ve been grateful to have lived to the age of 55, and in light of the pandemic and social change over the last few years, I know he would be encouraging everyone to stay safe and healthy.  I'm sure he would talk about how he's in great shape and he can still play (18) holes of golf, walking the course without a cart. Or easily still play pick-up basketball with younger colleagues. He’d be grateful for his family and his friends, both childhood and those he’d gained through academic and professional experiences. He would be very reflective about his life, dreams realized and dreams deferred and his travels. For Darin family was very important. He truly cherished his loved ones. Darin truly enjoyed spending time laughing and reminiscing, talking about old times.

As I think about his 55th birthday, I also reflect on the fantastic journey of conceiving, standing up, and managing The Darin C. Banks Foundation (DCBF) organization. It has been a fifteen-year labor of love and more gratifying than we could ever hope. DCBF Scholars have matriculated to and graduated from Ivy League, Big Ten, HBCU and other distinguished private colleges and universities. They are emerging leaders working in the business, entertainment, social services, and other industries. They volunteer in their hometowns and abroad, enriching their communities as global citizens. 

It's Spring and DCBF is on the move! We’ve just announced the winners of our Annual Scholarship Competition, preparing for Nat'l Financial Literacy Month, and putting the finishing touches on our spring newsletter.

As we imagine all the things Darin might say and do on his 55th birthday, we're grateful to have known him and to share his legacy through DCBF.


Happy Birthday Darin! 



Michelle D. Banks

Founder & ED, The Darin C. Banks Foundation

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